The first step in the process is selecting and harvesting our white pine logs. Once harvested, the logs are shipped to our site where our crew will use a spud to hand peel each log. After the peeling, we start building your dream home one log at a time. Each log is selected specifically to fit the wall. Each log is then set up to suit, and scribed onto the log below. The chainsaw artists then begin by cutting and adzing out a lateral groove, which allows the log to tightly overlap the log underneath it. This process is continued until we reach the proper height.

Electrical holes are also cut to make for a better finished product. The logs are then numbered and the shell disassembled and loaded onto the log truck, ready to be shipped. The logs are delivered to your site, where they are reassembled piece by piece.

Regardless of the package you choose, your log shell will then be ready for the roof and finishing touches. We are always available for guidance along the way.